Always Protected


As a team we have spent our careers building enterprise software and know the kind of security required within modern organizations. To that end we make it a priority to ensure we are keeping your team and your data safe at every step in the process. How do we do this?

Encryption everywhere.

Your data is encrypted in transit to our servers and at rest. Always.

Read-only access.

Variance will never write data to any of the applications you connect with. We know this because we don’t ask you to authenticate your applications in order to use Variance, so we don’t have permission to modify the data in those apps.

Your contents stay private.

Unlike some other systems, Variance is not reading or saving the contents of the page you’re on. The only bits of information sent back to our systems are the URL, and, if you’ve got a guide that Triggers on that page, the particular interaction that was hit to bring it up. We also store a list of names of items (such as documents or opportunities) that you recently visited so you can quickly search for them.

Privacy by design.

We adhere to a set of privacy principles called Privacy by Design. These include a focus on collecting only the minimum amount of data required to deliver a valuable service to you and your teams. You can read our full privacy policy as well as our privacy philosophy.

Permissioning from the ground-up.

We included permissioning as a core feature of the Variance application from day one. Because we’ve done this before, we know what organizations require when it comes to application security and we have built a model that scales with organizations of all shapes and sizes.