Slack Connect is a wholesale rethink of how to communicate with your customers, both in real-time and asymmetrically. While you might think this is just a slicker replacement for email, it goes far beyond that and the data from Slack is clear. With Slack Connect you can close deals 4x faster and we think that will only continue to accelerate. When you combine the power of Variance with Slack Connect you have the opportunity to move your shared KPIs, communication and customer product usage into a shared environment, whether you are managing a trial, POC, customer implementation, or expansion.

Additional things you will learn in this video:

  • How to speed up the entire sales cycle by combining Slack Connect with customer data from Variance
  • Best practices for shared milestones will customers to get them through your Product Qualified Lead (PQL), Signed Up, Onboarded and Expansion Milestones
  • How to nurture strong relationships with customers and prospects via fast, consistent communication that revolves around customer data


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