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What are Streams?

Streams are the core of Variance. Anything you follow in the system will flow into one of your Streams.

There are two types of streams:

  1. Accounts & Contacts: Account and contact streams are filled with events from Accounts and Contacts you follow.
  2. Event Type: Event Type streams are filled with instances of one or more Event Types (an Event Type would be `Invited User` or `Visited Pricing Page`).

Your default stream is an Accounts & Contacts stream and any Accounts or Contacts you follow will automatically get routed there. To follow an Account or Contact you simple click Follow (clicking Unfollow, unsurprisingly, does the opposite):

Following accounts and adding them to streams is easy

You can see above that it's also possible to follow to your additional streams by just clicking the dropdown arrow. You can even create a new stream right from that interface.

Each Stream has a name, a type, and can be hooked up to a Slack channel if you also want to be alerted as you work of the actions your prospects and customers are taking. the Slack integrations page has a more detailed walkthrough showing just how easy that is to get set up.

Just 3 things to fill out and you're on your way to a new stream

Building Out Streams

Creating new Streams in Variance is easy. You simply click the +Add Stream button on the top right of your Streams page or you create it from any Account, Contact, or Event Type Follow dropdown.

But the hard part is knowing what kind of Streams to make. This very much depends on who you are.

Growth Sellers

If you're a Growth Seller, the easiest way to think about splitting out your Streams is either by stage or territory. For instance, you might have different Streams for customers who are in different Stages and move them around:

  • Trials
  • Recently Won
  • Growing Fast

Or you could do it by territory. Either geographically (California, Nevada, Texas) or industry (Technology, Power, Retail). It's easy and totally up to you.

Growth Operators

If you're a Growth Operator you're probably interested in setting up a number of Streams that push data into Slack for the whole team to see. We suggest thinking about this by grouping categories of events. For instance, you might have Streams in Variance (and Slack) for:

  • Trial Conversions: all events around trial conversions
  • User Management: all events around adding and removing users
  • NPS: all events related to NPS scores
  • Integrations: all events related to customer's adding integrations
  • Pricing: page visit events for pricing pages
  • Docs: page visit events for your Docs pages

These are just a few ideas and obviously will depend greatly on what kind of product you offer.

Last Updated: 
April 5, 2021