Culture @ Variance

While much of our focus is on building the best product for our customers, we are also acutely focused on building a great company. Culture is a critical component of that puzzle, and we hope by sharing our approach we can help you understand what makes Variance unique. For more background, here's our post introducing our Culture docs.


We have a vision to build a Customer Growth Platform that enables everyone in an organization to drive growth.


A relentless focus on driving revenue for our customers

Our Values

We believe values should reflect the core beliefs of the organization and actually drive the company's behavior. Each value should be something that you can disagree with, otherwise they become generic.

Users > Buyers
Everything inside a SaaS company is predicated on product usage. We must all obsess over our product, our customers' usage, and how we can constantly improve it.
Brain > Role
Everyone has a role and you're expected to do it effectively. But it's your brain we hired you for. We expect everyone to be a smart and vocal member of the team and company. When you see something, say something, not just to each other, but upward as well.
Impact > Efficiency
While most people point to technology's ability to drive efficiency, it's actually the ability to create leverage where the real magic happens. Efficiency can become a celebration of activity while impact is about ensuring that every person, minute, dollar, and tool is focused on the tasks that will drive the most outsized outcomes.
Growth = Compounding Success
Compounding returns are a beautiful thing. We believe that our most tenured employees  are the most valuable because they have compounded the longest. All of our focus is to retain you as long as we can and we  believe retention can only come through your professional growth. We feel the same way about our customers.

Our Approach

We try to write as much down as possible. We also try to share as much as possible. This is a place to learn more about how we think about building our company and culture.