A few months ago we introduced Favorites. Favorites let you star any View or Stream and it will be added to your sidebar. This is different than marking something a Team View or Stream, as favorites are just for you. This release takes things a step further by allowing you to add icons to those Streams and Views to easily distinguish between them.

Look how pretty

You can set up icons for any View or Stream (not just the ones you favorite) by clicking on the icon next to the Stream/View name and choosing a color (or a custom hex) plus an icon. It’s that easy.

It's that easy

Better Sorting

One of our most-requested features is the ability to sort lists using any property. A few weeks ago we released the ability to sort by Last Seen, and now we’ve totally overhauled the sort interface to sort on anything. 

Sort away!

I know what you’re thinking (great, now I want to save that as part of the view), and … we’re working on that! Stay tuned.

Updated Account/Contact Detail Pages

Last, but not least, we overhauled our detail view to make everything easier to see and work with. Click into any Account or Contact and you’ll see updated designs with better information hierarchy and readability. 

So much better

This is especially apparent when you look at the properties, where we’ve collapsed all the non-reserved properties.

That's a lot easier on the eyes

These updates lay the groundwork for some much bigger changes to the detail views that we’re really excited about.

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Filter by Smart Tags in Streams
  • Clean up filter popover with max-width
  • Filter event list by source
  • Fixed stream duplication issues
  • Expose a Milestone Updated property (date)
  • Fix issues with signup timeouts
  • Fix issue with Zapier property updates
  • Harden Hubspot integration to handle token expiration better

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