Sometimes releases are made up of big flashy features like Smart Events in our 2.0.0 release a few weeks ago. Other times, it’s stuff that just makes the system a lot easier to use on a day-to-day basis. This is one of those releases.

All our list views have gotten a pretty significant overhaul. Now you can … 

Set sort order by simply clicking a column header …

Filter your list based on any data in the list …

Choose which columns you want to display …

Easily reorder those columns …

Save those columns along with your filters in a view …

Download all the accounts or contacts plus the related column data as a CSV …

We hope that makes life a little easier. Let us know if there’s anything more you would like to see in list views.

Filtering by Connection

This will be rolling out slowly as it requires we backfill data. You should be seeing it on your account over the coming days.

Customers have many different data sources feeding into Variance. Sometimes, they want to trigger alerts or milestones when activity comes through on a specific connection. That’s now easy to do. Each Event Type now has a connection property that you can use in Streams and Milestone to filter. Here’s how it looks in Milestones:

And if you want to filter events for a stream by connection, you can go to any event type, then click properties, and you’ll see a connection property you can work with.

Filtering Out Event Types

We’ve had the ability to filter a stream by specific event types for awhile, but an eagle-eyed user noted we didn’t have the ability to filter out certain types of events. This is particularly useful if you want to see recent activity from an account without certain noisy events in there like identify and group. Now every events view for an Account or Contact automatically filters out Group and Identify events.

You can obviously remove those if you want to see them.


This one is pretty simple: we now support `alias` events from all our CDP partners. If we have two versions of that contact, `alias` will merge them. If only one exists, we will update our external ID with the new ID.

Other Updates

  • You can now download CSV from the account and contact list on digests
  • Ignore identify/group calls in activity graphs
  • Ability to filter contacts based on whether they have an associated account or not

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