Views & Favorites

Views is a whole new way to use Variance.

Smart Tags & Google Auth

More powerful lists and filtering with Smart Tags and easier sign-on with Google Auth

Hubspot, My Accounts, & Onboarding

All new Hubspot integration + an easy way to keep track of your territory with My Accounts.

Digests + Freshpaint

A whole new way to rollup activity plus Freshpaint, an autotrack CDP.

Rudderstack, Segment, & Zapier

So much new stuff it's hard to fit in one changelog. The headline is official Rudderstack, Segment, and Zapier integrations.

Search & Filters

Our #1 most requested feature is ready to go: Easier search and filtering

Property Follows

Property follows plus a big UI update


Tags make it easy to create groups of Accounts, Contacts, and Event Types

Zapier Integration

Adding support for searching and pushing data from Zapier to Variance

RudderStack & Other Useful Updates

RudderStack support plus a few small updates to make using Variance easier.

Inclusive Filtering & Direct Add From Stream

Our first official changelog. Let’s try this on for size. This release has one big thing, one kind of big thing, and a bunch of small things.