Milestone Updates, Better Exports, & Views with Static Tags

Some big updates to Milestones and Smart Events plus lots of other good stuff.

Surging, Any Event, and Hubspot Syncs

Track change across a specific event or group of events plus lots more.

Reverse ETL: Hightouch, Census, and More

We're excited to announce our support for Reverse ETL and Warehouse data!

Salesforce Leads, Sparklines, and Enforced SSO

Lots of new stuff, including leads fallback in Salesforce, sparklines, and more.

Embedded Variance in Salesforce

Variance is now fully available inside Salesforce

Hubspot Cards

See Variance Milestones in Hubspot, create "current user" views, and more

Updated List Views

Big updates to our list views, ability to filter events by connection, and more

Smart Events, Time Windows, & More

Smart Events bring Milestone functionality to the rest of Variance and time windows make it easy to track activity over a specific period.

Sync Event Properties to Account Properties

Ability to move data from event properties to account properties, plus lots of other updates.

Key Events Module

Adding Key Events to our activity modules plus descriptions, better filters, and lots more.

Activity Modules

All new activity modules for total events and active contacts + the ability to save sort order.

Sync Properties to Hubspot

Sync properties to Hubspot, new billing and plan pages, and lots of other updates.

View & Stream Icons

Views and streams can have icons, sort on any property, and much nicer detail views.

All-New Filter Interface

A brand new filter interface plus the ability to track property changes.

Properties in Milestones

You can now include Account and Contact Properties in your Milestones and more.

Event Filters

Easier event filtering, favorite reordering, and more useful Milestone updates

Updates Small and Large

Lots of useful updates.

Views & Favorites

Views is a whole new way to use Variance.

Smart Tags & Google Auth

More powerful lists and filtering with Smart Tags and easier sign-on with Google Auth

Hubspot, My Accounts, & Onboarding

All new Hubspot integration + an easy way to keep track of your territory with My Accounts.

Digests + Freshpaint

A whole new way to rollup activity plus Freshpaint, an autotrack CDP.

Rudderstack, Segment, & Zapier

So much new stuff it's hard to fit in one changelog. The headline is official Rudderstack, Segment, and Zapier integrations.

Search & Filters

Our #1 most requested feature is ready to go: Easier search and filtering

Property Follows

Property follows plus a big UI update


Tags make it easy to create groups of Accounts, Contacts, and Event Types

Zapier Integration

Adding support for searching and pushing data from Zapier to Variance

RudderStack & Other Useful Updates

RudderStack support plus a few small updates to make using Variance easier.

Inclusive Filtering & Direct Add From Stream

Our first official changelog. Let’s try this on for size. This release has one big thing, one kind of big thing, and a bunch of small things.