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"My focus has moved from how are we going to drive adoption to how quickly can we expand our customers."
"Churn is down, expansion is up and we are spending more time pro-actively helping customers v. reacting to an adoption challenge."
- Chief Customer Officer

We know that some of your most critical metrics are time to value with your customers, customer satisfaction and having high net retention (renewal + expansion). We have worked hard on creating a solution that is catered towards allowing your customers to ramp faster on your product, delight them with context when they need it and then drive at critical workflows in your system that will ensure renewal and expansion.

Key Use Cases

Implementation and User Onboarding 

No matter how configurable your software might be, Variance is up to the challenge of allowing customers to contextualize and document all their workflows. All custom documentation can live in Variance and will be at their fingertips the moment they log in to your product. No more PowerPoints and prayers that your customer remembers everything you taught them during implementation.

Ability to guide users across your app and in to other integrated applications

We know you are often integrating with other systems that are part of your customer’s software stack. We can handle those complex workflows and ensure adoption of new integrations by giving end-users context as to where their data is going and how they can find it.

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Custom views for different users

Whether it is an executive view or a view for new interns, we can help you set up user profiles so they are seeing the guides they need to drive the adoption you are looking to drive based on the specific user journey.

Sales Announcement
App-wide announcements that can be customer-specific

Push new changes out so that they land right in the users workflow. Never make them go search for updates again. Videos can be specific to a customer based on expansion, new features they have requested or anything that they would be interested in hearing about.  

New user onboarding for expansion or adding seats

Create an interactive tour to take someone through your entire product. Leave behind helpful shortcuts and guides that they can pick up after the tour. 

Arm Revenue Teams with Intelligence

Variance works with your software as soon as you sign up. No code required. You can start building for your customers in minutes.

Variance helps you answer questions like:
How can I drive more revenue and more accurate forecasting across my customer base?
What is my best plan of attack to get customers to adopt new features and workflows?  
Where are my customers stuck and how can I build programs to get them going?

World-Class Security For You and Your Customers

We are secure, reliable, and built to keep your team and data safe.

We protect your security by:
Encryption at rest and in transit
Read-only access to the apps Variance works with
Your contents stay private
Privacy by design
Permissioning from the ground up
Read more about our commitment to privacy and security

Your Documentation Dies in the Dark

We believe documentation has to change (read more on our beliefs).

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