When Noah first showed me how Segment could send me marketing and product signals to help me qualify a prospect for conversion or customer for expansion, it was like seeing the touchscreen on the iPhone. I know that sounds ridiculous but it is the truth. The missing piece for B2B go-to-market teams has always been the ability to see a customer’s journey from a lead to expanding customer and being able to interact with that journey in real-time. 

What was the problem with Noah showing me this? It all had to be manually configured from Segment, to our marketing automation system and then through Zapier and into pre-defined Slack channels. There was no way for me to control the process and if I wanted to change the signals, I basically needed to submit a ticket to Noah for him to get to it when he could and it required a lot of changes to different systems. In talking to hundreds of people across marketing, sales and success over the past year, this challenge is also something they have lived through in trying to get at customer data.  

An Event Driven Architecture is the Future 

What we saw in Segment was the opportunity of putting customer data in the hands of the go-to-market team. No technical expertise would be needed. Following your prospects and customers would be as easy as following your favorite stocks in Robinhood. 

All the signals you need, easy to configure and in real time.

In order to build this we wanted to align with Customer Data Platforms like Segment who were in effect building an event-driven architecture for the organization. This allowed all important data to be considered an event, streamed to any product it needed to be streamed to and, in the case of Variance, allowing anyone to follow these events as signals to help drive revenue. Noah wrote early on about the technical power and simplicity of events for revenue teams in his post, Events to Trigger Your Pipeline.

The benefits of having this architecture is immense across the organization. For the seller it means that data requests to your product, marketing or data team would be no more. It also means that revenue teams won't be stuck in CRM systems or BI tools trying to get the latest product or customer data that is batched from their data warehouse. Segment with Variance exposes the rep to their accounts, contacts and any specific product or website event right within our system, putting all of that data at the palm of your hands and in the Slack channels where you work.

Variance Mobile Product, signals where you work (Slack integration)

We couldn't be more excited to partner with Segment. Our Variance integration in Segment is available starting today! For Segment customers, setting up Variance is only a few clicks away. You can read more about it in our Docs. If you are new to Segment and the concept of an enterprise driven architecture and interested in learning more, please get in touch. You can also attend our webinar on July 21st with another great CDP, Rudderstack, where we will go deep on how to build an event driven architecture with your go to market team.

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