Welcome to another edition of 2xTuesday, our series that brings you one 2x2 every week.

Which quadrant are you in?

I first ran into today’s 2x2 by way of Forrester, the technology analyst. They use the framework to look at a set of technologies and help advise companies where to put their money. The axes are pretty self-explanatory in this one, with the Y-axis focusing on the value a technology can provide to a business, while the X-axis looks at the maturity of that technology category. It’s a simple way for a company to look at their mix of software solutions and decide where to double down (invest), keep investment flat (maintain), put small amounts of money to work (experiment), or begin to exit completely (divest). We see Customer Growth Platforms/PLG CRMs as a top-left investment: high business value but low maturity.

Read more: The Forrester Tech Tide Methodology

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