Welcome to our new series on growth leaders from around the world of B2B Sales. We will be interviewing leaders from our PLG Index—both Public and Private companies—on how they are driving growth in their organizations with a focus specifically on how their GTM model is changing as they use Variance and Customer Data in their sales motion. 

Why are we doing these interviews? Because we believe the companies in our PLG Index represent the future for all B2B companies and the future of selling. The numbers also speak to how the public market also sees this type of GTM as the future: 

  1. PLG companies have 23% more ARR
  2. PLG companies are growing ARR Y/Y 30% faster
  3. PLG companies have 8% higher Net Dollar Retention
  4. PLG companies have 22% higher ARR/Headcount
  5. PLG companies are 44% off their 52 week high, Non-PLG companies are 58% off their 52 week high

Our third interview is with Laura Erdem, Sales Executive at DreamData. Dreamdata is ranked 344 on the PLG Index and is growing rapidly. You can check out their profile here

What is Dreamdata?

Dreamdata is a B2B Revenue Attribution Platform that gathers, joins, and cleans all revenue-related data to present transparent, actionable analysis of what drives B2B revenue.

Founded: 2018

Dreamdata Pricing

Dreamdata Signup 

Questions for Laura Erdem: 

How does Customer Data and PLG drive your revenue motion?

All of our prospects are kicking off a free trial before becoming paying clients. So a well-functioning product is the second most important step in the customer journey after demand generation. Generated demand is able to get proof of the product working, then moving on to a paying client. So PLG is a part of the full revenue funnel that is later moved to sales.

What are your biggest challenges to using customer data in your sales motion? 

Capturing customer data on time during the sale. One example might be: While the prospect is trialing the product it is important to know the parts of the platform they are using the most and focus on identifying if their usage is helping on covering the pains they have or other parts of the platform might need to be introduced. It can both save time of the sale and help uncover other challenges prospects have based on usage data.

Would you say moving to use more product data in the sales motion is mostly a people, process or tools challenge?  

Process first, then people and tools.

What is your best Customer Data/PLG selling story?

After introducing a product our prospects could try and later move on to a paying version we were able to shorten most of the customer journeys in half. At this early PLG journey for Dreamdata we have tripled the number of free trials which means more paying customers in the future and more customers to reach out to for reviews that other prospects care about to as well. So the positive momentum is growing day by day.

Thank you Laura, keep on dominating at Dreamdata! 

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