Product Led Growth (PLG)

Product-led growth (PLG) is a go-to-market approach that puts emphasis on selling software through hands-on usage instead of exclusively through top-down sales. PLG remove some of the most significant points of friction in purchasing software (and other goods in the future), and it also acts as a risk-mitigation tool for both software buyers (who can get their hands on tools before signing a big contract) and software sellers (who can build a much better understanding of a prospect from product data than they ever could from questions alone). Beyond being a go-to-market approach, it also has huge implications on how software companies operate, as it further aligns teams around the objective of creating customers that grow.

Product led growth companies grow faster, retain better, and operate more efficiently than regular SaaS companies.

Variance + Product led growth

Variance is the best platform out there for managing your Product Led Growth/Product Led Sales go-to-market motion.

Define your customer Milestones

Variance has an easy-to-use no-code Milestone builder that allows you to easily describe the different stages of your customer journey, for signed up, to activated, to PQL.

Segment your customer base

We ingest all your customer data so that it's easy to segment your customer base and be alerted as customers reach various stages of their journey.

Integrated with your other tools

Variance is integrated with all popular CRM, as well as Zapier for everything else. We make it easy to push data in and get it out.

Power your product led growth

Variance makes it easy to manage your product led growth go-to-market motion.
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Product led growth is the future

Every software company needs product led growth.

Getting data to Variance

Variance connects with a host of systems to make it easy to ingest data. If you use a CDP like Segment or Rudderstack it's a 3-minute setup. If your data is in a Data Warehouse we can help you there as well.

What is Variance?

Variance is a new kind of platform built to help you grow customers quickly. We ingest all the data from your prospect and customer interactions across your product, marketing website, and customer communications tools and give you a view of where every prospect and customer is in their journey and how to grow accounts bigger and more quickly.

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Integrates with all your GTM tools

Variance integrates with all the tools in your go-to-market stack.

With the security you require

We have built the Variance platform from the ground-up with security in mind.

Isolated DBs & pipelines
Encryption in transit & rest
SOC 2 Type II Compliance