Getting Product & Customer Data into Salesforce

Every SaaS company is asking themselves the same question: how do I use product data to help me sell more and grow customers faster. With Salesforce as the leading CRM, it's natural to wonder how to integrate that data into your sales process. This is a guide on how to use Variance to enrich your Hubspot with product data. Get all your PQLs into Salesforce without writing code.

Embedded Variance in Salesforce

You can use Variance right inside Salesforce. Access the full Variance interface on Account or Contact object pages in Salesforce.

Variance + Salesforce

Sync your product data to Salesforce

Variance offers a few ways to sync data back to Salesforce. The most popular way to get your product data in is to direct specific product activity in as properties on the account or contact.

Sync your customer data back to Variance

In addition to getting your product data out of Variance and into Salesforce, you can sync data back from Salesforce into Variance to make it easy to see accounts and product data split up by owners, territory, or any other metadata.

Does Variance replace Salesforce?

No. In fact we use Salesforce ourselves. We enrich the CRM experience and integrate with Salesforce to ensure that your CRM data and product data work better together.

Get product data to Salesforce in 5 minutes

Variance makes it easy to get your product data into Salesforce. No coding required.
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How easy is it to get data flowing from Variance to Salesforce?

It's literally *one* toggle.

What do we mean by product data?

If you are running a SaaS company product data is all the events, interactions, and page visits that occur when your prospects and customers use your product.

What is Variance?

Variance is a new kind of platform built to help you grow customers quickly. We ingest all the data from your prospect and customer interactions across your product, marketing website, and customer communications tools and give you a view of where every prospect and customer is in their journey and how to grow accounts bigger and more quickly.

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Integrates with all your GTM tools

Variance integrates with all the tools in your go-to-market stack.

With the security you require

We have built the Variance platform from the ground-up with security in mind.

Isolated DBs & pipelines
Encryption in transit & rest
SOC 2 Type II Compliance