Customer Health Scores

Every B2B company needs to be able to quickly identify the health of its customer base. Who will renew? Who will expand? Who will churn? Variance makes that easy, with the most advanced system for managing customer data on the planet.

Customer Health in Variance

Set up health scores exactly the way you want with our no-code builder.

Variance makes it easy to define what makes a customer healthy and what makes them a churn risk.

Segment your accounts AND contacts

Variance makes it easy to create customer segments at both the contact and account level. So you can see which specific users inside a customer are driving things forward.

Syncs with CRM & Slack

It's not good enough to just have this data in Variance. We also sync with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Slack so you can easily get that data back out to your teams.

Easy customer health scores

Once your data is flowing to Variance setting up your segmentation and health scores are a cinch.
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No code builder

Here's how easy it is to segment your customer base.

Getting data to Variance

Variance connects with a host of systems to make it easy to ingest data. If you use a CDP like Segment or Rudderstack it's a 3-minute setup. If your data is in a Data Warehouse we can help you there as well.

What is Variance?

Variance is a new kind of platform built to help you grow customers quickly. We ingest all the data from your prospect and customer interactions across your product, marketing website, and customer communications tools and give you a view of where every prospect and customer is in their journey and how to grow accounts bigger and more quickly.

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Integrates with all your GTM tools

Variance integrates with all the tools in your go-to-market stack.

With the security you require

We have built the Variance platform from the ground-up with security in mind.

Isolated DBs & pipelines
Encryption in transit & rest
SOC 2 Type II Compliance