Customer Growth Platform

CGP is a new category and approach to growing customers.

What is a Customer Growth Platform?

A Customer Growth Platform (CGP) is a product that helps everyone inside an organization drive growth. It does that by hooking into your customer data and making it easy for anyone to create, access, and manage intent-based signals across all stages of a customer’s journey. After all, a customer who isn't growing is dying.

A typical customer growth platform will:

  1. Connect to a customer data source like a Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  2. Provide an interface for non-technical/non-analyst users to access real-time customer data
  3. Offer notifications and signals when customers within a user's territory or set of accounts takes a specific action

What kinds of company's need a Customer Growth Platform?

Any company who has a) customer's who log into their website or application and b) a desire to expand them can potentially use a Customer Growth Platform. SaaS, media, and eCommerce companies all make for good CGP users. Typically the companies who buy a Customer Growth Platform go to market in a few ways:

  1. Bottoms-up/PLG: These companies already have people who are on trial or free tier and are looking for the signals that will help convert them and help them grow.
  2. Open Source: Very similar to the bottoms-up motion, the Open Source go-to-market motion generates a lot of qualified but non-paying users whose usage offers intent-based signals that indicate conversion and growth.
  3. Top Down/Enterprise Sale: More and more enterprise sales motions are including elements from bottoms-up/PLG as they recognize the need to drive customer growth and higher net dollar retention (NDR). For these companies Variance signals help drive trial conversion and customer expansion.

How is the Variance approach different?

What makes Variance different from the other Customer Growth Platforms is two big things:

  1. It was built for everyone: most data tools were built for people who can write SQL. Even the ones that claim they're simpler still require a pretty strong understanding of what's there and how it works. Variance is different. We're doing the hard work of translating the data into the language of sales. All you have to do is follow the accounts and contacts you care about.
  2. It's about action, not analysis: you surely already have a BI tool (or three) laying around. They're great, but they're fundamentally designed to look backward and understand trends and changes. Our goal is to make all that same data operational in the moment: allowing you to take actions when your prospects and customers do. Big prospect just invite three new users onto the platform? Reach out. Mid-size customer just check out the pricing page? Good time to drop a text.

Most of the other companies working in this space are focused on providing scores and other aggregate data to help with lead qualification. While we believe that's important, and have the ability to sync with your CRM, our focus is much more on empowering everyone in the organization to drive growth. We think the people on the front-line, whether in sales, success, marketing, or product, can all help grow customers if they had better and simpler access to data.

Our app revolves around simple concepts like Following and Streams that makes it easy to access all your customer data in real-time. What's more, Variance is deeply integrated with Slack, to put all your data right where you work.

Everything you need, right where you need it

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