Head of Growth

We are building a product that you have been dreaming of! We believe all companies will have someone like you in time and this person will operationalize product, marketing and sales data to drive growth. We are an early-stage company founded by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success building SaaS businesses. We are looking for a Head of Growth that can help us effectively scale our initial product from $0 to $30M in ARR and beyond. 

Remote  — 4+ Years Experience

We will give you carte blanche to develop a model for how we go to market (GTM) in the most effective way possible, putting the product at the center of the experience. This role is for someone who enjoys the intersection of Product and Marketing with an eye on defining north star metrics that move our business forward. You will also be the voice of the customer in showcasing how our product can revolutionize product, marketing and sales teams.

This role has three main mandates:

  1. Build a GTM machine that automates as much as possible, putting the product and usage of the product at the center of our GTM strategy.
  2. Help act as a catalyst to create a culture that is maniacally focused on the product and what we can do with it to reduce friction with our customers around purchasing, renewing, and expanding. 
  3. Keep us aligned on North Star metrics that tell us when and how to hit the gas. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Build growth tech stack (now) and team (in time)
  • Define growth KPIs and own product marketing and demand generation
  • Drive a culture of growth across the company and out in the market
  • Help bring other growth leaders on board with the Variance product


  • Experience scaling a product team in a growth role from $0-$20M in ARR 
  • Understanding of core PLG Infrastructure and investments at different company stages 
  • Leader with a proven track record of working well cross-functionally (Product + GTM)
  • Obsessed with creating leverage for product, marketing, and sales teams  
  • Systems thinker who leads with data
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