What does XQL stand for?

XQL stands for Expansion Qualified Lead. Like its cousin the Product Qualified Lead (PQL), the XQL is a way to qualify a prospect based on both behavioral data from your marketing and product as well firmographic data. The difference between XQL and a PQL is that the former is focused on expansion stages and, as a result, will generally include very different criteria.

What does EQL stand for?

An EQL and an XQL are the same things. As they say, some say to-may-toe and some say to-mah-toe

What is an example of an XQL/EQL?

On the Variance homepage, we show all our real Milestones, including our XQL. Here’s how we define it:

What does that mean?

  • Employee Count: many expansion stages are based on the company’s firmographic data, not just their behavioral data. For us, the size of the expansion opportunity is ultimately a function of the size of the company.
  • Milestone Created: defining Milestones like XQL and PQL are central to how Variance works. Therefore, to be qualified for expansion you must have created at least four in the system.
  • Invited User: this one is pretty simple. We want to see that you’ve started to bring team members on board. 

If you’ve completed these three criteria, an alert goes out to the owner of the account to let them know it’s qualified for expansion and worth spending time with.

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