Growth Design Inspiration

What you'll find here is a gallery of PLG design inspiration including good buttons, forms, landing pages, and other growth-oriented design patterns from companies around the web. We are fans of all things growth and always looking for inspiration for our own work. If you're a SaaS company looking to drive customer growth, be sure to check out Variance.

In-Product Security Center keeps all their privacy and security info in one place inside the product with an FAQ.

Buying Roles

Hubspot explicitly asks for buying roles in the admin screen.

Security and Compliance

Dovetail's legal and privacy page

Onboarding Info Gathering

Nice onboarding experience with details about source

Transparent Pricing Interface

Nice way to make pricing clear

In-Product Changelog Updates

Nice display of changelog + indicator

Case Study Callout Cards

Nice homepage case study cards from Gong. Bringing the key results in as bullets at the bottom strengthens the story a lot.

Featured Menu Items

Nice way of calling out high-value menu items

Customer Quote+Video Gallery

Hotjar has a nice customer quote+video gallery