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How It Works

Right now our Zapier integration is focused on making it easy to push data from your CRM system (or elsewhere) into Variance as Account and Contact Properties. To that end, we have two actions and two searches we support (with lots more planned for the near future).

  1. Update Account: Allows you to update the properties of an Account
  2. Update Contact: Allows you to update the properties of a Contact
  3. Find Account: Allows you to search for an Account in Variance by ID or domain name
  4. Find Contact: Allows you to search for a Contact in Variance by ID or email
Here's all the things you can do in one place

Use Case: Pushing Account Updates to Variance

Let's take a quick look at a real Zap we have running.

1. Hubspot: Company Recently Created or Updated in Hubspot

This will trigger any time you update a company in Hubspot.

2. Variance: Find Account in Variance

This will let us find the right Account in Variance. The best way to use this is to search by Domain, which comes out of the previous Hubspot step.

Just pass the domain from a previous step

This will return our Variance internal ID, which you will use to update the Account.

There's the ID we need

3. Variance: Update Account in Variance

From here we'll add an Update Account in Variance action to our Zap. We can start by passing it our Variance ID from the previous step (this can be added by clicking Account and going to the Custom tab.

Just pass your Account ID in to the Update Account action

From there it's really up to you on what you want to update. Anything from the CRM can get pushed to Variance as a property. Everything is passed as key/value pairs just like this:

Keys and Values!

Now just test your Zap and turn it on. Every time you update an Account in Hubspot it will update the properties in Variance.

There they are, just like we wanted them.

Connecting Zapier

You will find Zapier settings under Integrations > Zapier. To get started simply click Connect Zapier.

Zapier makes it easy to connect Variance to hundreds of other systems

Once you click Connect Zapier you will see two fields: Subdomain and Secret. You'll need these to make the connection work.

You'll need these two bits to connect Variance

Once you have those details you'll need to accept an invite to our Zapier app. From there, you have two ways to hook up Variance and Zapier for the first time, either you can just start building a Zap and search for Variance as you pick an app for an action. Or if you want to just get it out of the way, you can visit your Apps page and search for Variance (or just click that link).

From there you should see Variance listed under Add new connection. You can simply click Connect.

One big Connect button

That will bring up a pop-up with two fields to fill in. These are the same two fields we saw in our Integrations settings. Just copy the Subdomain and Secret and click Yes, Continue.

Two bits of data and a big orange button

That's it. Now you're ready to go build Zaps with Variance.

Last Updated: 
May 19, 2021