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How It Works

Our Zapier app is all about enriching Variance with data from external systems to ensure your team has easy access to up-to-date data. There are multiple ways to interface with Variance through Zapier:


  • New Account (Instant): Triggers a Zap when a new account is added to Variance. This is most useful for adding enrichment to your accounts in Variance from either your CRM or an enrichment service like Clearbit. Also makes it easy to send new accounts to downstream tools like CRM if needed.
  • New Contact (Instant): Triggers a Zap when a new account is added to Variance. Same use case as New Account.


  • Track Contact Event: Allows you to create an event in Variance. This could come from any connected Zapier trigger. This is most useful for pushing events from systems that might not be available as sources in your CDP like Docusign or email opens.
  • Track Account Event: Allows you to create an event in Variance that is associated with only an account and not a contact. This is most useful for tracking account-level events like opportunity stage movement or a daily volume update.
  • Create Account: Allows you to create an account in Variance. This is particularly useful if you're pushing new events in and need to associate them with an account.
  • Create Contact: Allows you to create a contact in Variance. Same use case as create account.
  • Update Account: Allows you to update the properties of an account.
  • Update Contact: Allows you to update the properties of a contact.


  • Find Account: Allows you to search for an Account in Variance by ID or domain name. Also allows you to create the account if it's not found.
  • Find Contact: Allows you to search for a Contact in Variance by ID or email. Also allows you to create the contact if it's not found.

Connecting Zapier

You will find Zapier settings under Integrations > Zapier. To get started simply click Connect Zapier.

Zapier makes it easy to connect Variance to hundreds of other systems

Once you click Connect Zapier you will see two fields: Subdomain and Secret. You'll need these to make the connection work.

You'll need these two bits to connect Variance

Once you have those details you'll need to add Variance to Zapier. From there you should see Variance listed under Add new connection. You can simply click Connect.

One big Connect button

That will bring up a pop-up with two fields to fill in. These are the same two fields we saw in our Integrations settings. Just copy the Subdomain and Secret and click Yes, Continue.

Two bits of data and a big orange button

That's it. Now you're ready to go build Zaps with Variance.

Use Case: Adding Owner to Accounts

Let's take a quick look at a real Zap we have running.

1. Variance: New Account

This will trigger any time a new account is added to Variance.

New Account triggers

2. Hubspot: Find Company in Hubspot

Using the domain we will search for the company in Hubspot.

It's easy to find companies by domain in Hubspot

To make this work you'll also have to get Owner ID from Hubspot (not sure why they don't include that)

Grab company owner to make this work

3. Hubspot: Get Owner by ID in Hubspot

Unfortunately, Hubspot only gives you an ID of the owner and we need a name or email. So you need to pass that ID from the previous step to this one.

This will give us the details we need

4. Variance: Update Account

Finally, we'll push the owner in as a property so that it can easily be added to a stream as a Property Follow.

It's easy to add properties to accounts

That's it. Go check your properties and you'll see the new owner.

All your properties have arrived

Bonus: Track Account Event

You can also push a track event that a new owner has been added

Now just test your Zap and turn it on. Every time you update an Account in Hubspot it will update the properties in Variance.

That's it. Here's our event:

Account Track events are here

Enriching Account Info with Clearbit

Here's a video explanation if that's more your speed:

Zapier Templates

We have a growing library of templates for Zapier. You can kick them off right from here:

Last Updated: 
July 23, 2021