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Your First Ten Minutes (Admin)

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You've just signed up for Variance. Welcome! When you first sign in Variance will have that new app smell, take it in.

To start making it your own, you'll need to begin by sending us data. To do that you'll need to connect Segment or RudderStack or Freshpaint. If you don't have the permissions to do that, start by inviting someone on your team who does and send them this page.

Alternatively, you can use our Javascript SDK, Variance.js, to send us data directly from your application.

Great, now let's get started for real.

  1. Go to the Integrations page (under your company name in the top nav) and connect Segment, RudderStack, or Freshpaint. This will start data flowing into Variance. You will need to choose your Account Matching settings to ensure Accounts are generated properly.
  2. Go click around your own application to make sure Variance is receiving data. Once you get the green check in Variance, spend a few minutes clicking around your product generating the types of events you know you want to track. This will allow you to find them immediately in Variance instead of waiting for a user to generate them. You should see Contacts, Accounts, and Event Types all start to flow through.
  3. Once you see data coming in is a good time to hook up Slack (also on the Integrations page) and Hubspot (if you use it). The latter will suck in your contact and account data to enrich what we get from your product.

Here you'll probably need to wait a bit for some more data to flow in ... but once that's done.

  1. Create your first Milestone. Milestones are the key feature for getting value out of Variance. They allow you to track your Accounts across their entire customer lifecycle.
  2. You'll probably want to know when your accounts complete their Milestones, to do that you can follow Milestone Events in a new Stream which you'll want to connect to Slack.
  3. Now that things are working, connect Zapier and add one of our templates.

Once you feel good about everything, invite your Team so they can use Variance themselves.

As always, get in touch if you want us to help or walk you through any of this.

Last Updated: 
April 24, 2022