Your First Ten Minutes (Admin)

You've just signed up for Variance. Welcome! When you first sign in Variance will have that new app smell, take it in.

To start making it your own, you'll need to begin by sending us data. To do that you'll need to connect Segment. If you don't have the permissions to do that, start by inviting someone on your team who does and send them this page.

Great, now let's get started for real.

  1. Connect Segment
  2. Go click around your own application to make sure the Segment integration is sending data. You should see Contacts, Accounts, and Event Types all start to flow through.
  3. Once you see data coming in is a good time to hook up Slack.
  4. From there you can start following Contacts, Accounts, and Event Types and building some Streams of your own. Make sure you hook the Streams up to Slack so they flow through.
  5. Finally, invite your Team so they can use Variance themselves. (Alternatively, you can wait 24 hours for your events to more fully stream in before inviting your Team. Remember: the Accounts, Contacts, and Event Types in our system will only be the ones that have occurred since you connected unless you use the replay functionality in Segment.)
Last Updated: 
April 5, 2021