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What if I don't have a CDP?

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As we build out Variance, we are starting with integrating with Segment, RudderStack, Freshpaint, and Slack, the largest CDPs and messaging platforms respectively. We know not everyone has a CDP in place and while we're happy to help guide you in that direction if you're interested, there are also other options. The easiest way to send us data is by using our Javascript library Variance.js. You can also get a lot of non-traditional events into Variance with our Zapier integration.

Best Practices & Resources

We see a lot of CDP implementations. Therefore, to help aid folks who are just getting set up, we've got some thoughts and resources.

Best Practices

Our thoughts from seeing hundreds of CDP implementations.

  • Don’t boil the ocean. Knock out the key events you know you want first and set up an easy way to add more as you realize you need them. Lots of Segment projects fall over trying to reach perfection.
  • Don't go crazy with properties at first. Less is more at the beginning. Don’t load up your events with properties you aren’t sure you’ll need. As you see data start to flow you'll be able to figure out where you need more properties and where to consolidate events.
  • Use a good identify method for accounts. Group is one approach, but it’s a bit complicated, the simpler one is to include `` and `` traits with each identify call if your system supports sending data that way (also be sure to include email trait).
  • Try to use reserved traits when possible. There are a number of reserved traits for things like email, name, and title. When possible, use those as it will be easier for Variance and other systems to understand them.
  • Set up a separate segment source for your website and throw the JS on there. Lots of good stuff you can do with your web traffic—both intel from logged in users who are visiting various pages to touting anonymous and identified traffic. Don’t worry about anything but page views at the beginning there.
  • Use the noun + past-tense verb structure for your track events. If you stay consistent with that it's easier to work with. That would mean `Form Submitted` or `Video Viewed`


If you have questions or want help getting set up, we have professional services to help you along the way. Just reach out.

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Last Updated: 
December 18, 2021