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We try to make it as simple as possible to send us events. To that end, if you're familiar with Segment and their model, we're just doing exactly that.

To send us webhooks you'll need two things:

  1. The webhook URL for your Segment connection in Variance
  2. A `sharedSecret` that is used to generate a SHA1 digest of the JSON-stringified request body, which is then delivered as the `X-Signature` header of the `post`.

As long as you've got those pieces in place, sending us data is pretty simple and follows the Segment model. We accept the major calls:

  • Track
  • Identify
  • Page
  • Screen
  • Group

If you want to brush up on how those work check out the Segment documentation.

If you don't use Group calls you'll have the option to define a fallback for account consolidation on your `identify` calls. This can either be a field on `identify` or the domain of the email included in the `email` field on `identify` .

Last Updated: 
November 23, 2021