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Views make it easy to create a saved list of Accounts or Contacts based on any criteria. This is a useful way to keep track of your accounts, prospects in your territory, or accounts that are at specific points in the customer journey.

In a lot of ways, Views work just like Smart Tags, which allow you to create a saved set of filters that you can reuse. In fact, you can use your Smart Tags to power your views instead of creating the same filter multiple times. The fundamental difference is that the Smart Tag is the set of filters and the View is the list of accounts.

Views are saved lists of Accounts and Contacts

Creating a View

Creating a view is easy.

  1. Click on Accounts or Contacts (depending on the type of view you want to build)
  2. Click the Views tab
  3. Click Create View
  4. Name your View and build your filters (or use an existing Smart Tag)

That's it. Now you have your view, it's in your sidebar, and if you want to make it even easier to access, just favorite it.

The interface for building views is the same as the one for building Smart Tags. The only difference is that you can actually use your existing Smart Tags in your views.

Our filter builder for Views includes the option to include Smart Tags
Last Updated: 
November 18, 2021