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Smart Events

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Smart Events work just like Milestones, so most of the basic info on how to use them is covered in the Milestones documentation.

The concept of Milestones—a way to use actual customer behavior to track their progress—is powerful. The problem we’ve run into is that as soon as customers start using Milestones, they find other behaviors they also want to track that don’t quite rise to the level of being a “milestone” like onboarded or PQL. They want to keep their list of Milestones pristine. That’s pretty cool and mirrors the way traditional sales generally wants to keep their opportunity stages pristine.

Enter Smart Events. Smart Events take the functionality of Milestones and extend them to a new part of the product. Now you can add as many different Smart Events as you want to track while still keeping your Milestones as a clean representation of your customer journey. The good news is that Smart Events will look very familiar if you’ve built a Milestone:

Just like Milestones, you can also tap into all the Smart Event data by filtering any list …

And you can be notified when Smart Events are achieved by adding them to a Stream …

Last Updated: 
May 12, 2022