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Adding a Slack Channel to Your Stream

As long as an admin has connected Slack, it's easy to add a corresponding channel to a Stream so that you get notified in Slack when customers and prospects take actions. To do that just start by making a new channel in Slack with whatever name you want and then connect that channel by clicking Stream options on the top right of a stream, clicking Edit stream, and then adding/adjusting your Slack channel (we can find all public channels, including Slack Connect public channels).

Adding a Slack channel is just a click away

What should I send to Slack?

A lot of folks aren't sure what's best to send to Slack. To try to help we've written a blog post about how we use Variance with Slack that has lots of ideas on the kinds of Streams you can connect.

If video is more your speed, here's how easy it all is.

Details in Slack

We aim to bring your work to you as much as possible. To that end, we let you fetch the Event details right from Slack. When you see a Slack message from Variance simply click the Details button to open up a modal with all the properties plus links back to Variance.

Everything is waiting for you

Connecting Slack to Variance

Every Stream in Variance can be hooked up to a channel in Slack. That way you can be notified when your prospects and customers are doing something you might want to take action around. If you're an Admin, you can connect Slack on your Integrations page (which you'll find under your company name in the top nav).

To connect or disconnect Slack, you just click that little button on the right

If you prefer, you can also connect Variance to Slack with the Add to Slack button below:

Add to Slack
Last Updated: 
April 13, 2022