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The Variance Hubspot integration makes it easy to ensure that your accounts and contacts are synced across the two platforms. Here's a quick overview of the functionality:

Connecting Hubspot

To connect Hubspot simply head to the Integrations page and click Connect Hubspot.

Hubspot is just a click away

From there you’ll be brought to Hubspot to approve the connection.

Just choose the account to connect with (if you have more than one Hubspot account)

Finally, you'll be asked to confirm the permissions. We ask for the minimal permissions we need to do the work required.

Confirm the permissions and connect the app

Once that’s done you’ll land back on the Variance Integrations page and everything will be syncing in the background.

Owner Syncing

One of the main purposes of the integration is to ensure that all the information about which team member owns an account and contact are properly synced in Variance. This enables us to build your “My Accounts” and “My Contacts” Smart Tags that you can use for Streams and a variety of other purposes.

For owner syncing to work, the email in use for owners in Hubspot must be the same as the email in use for Variance. When this is working you’ll see a “Smart Owner” listed at the top of the Account or Contact.

Everything right where you need it

Account & Contact Syncing

Variance syncs Accounts and Contacts with Hubspot, pulling in any properties stored in Hubspot and saving them as Account and Contact properties in Variance. These properties can be used in Streams, Smart Tags, and also synced back out through integrations like Zapier.

Contacts are synced by matching email addresses in Variance with email addresses in Hubspot.

Accounts are synced by matching domains in Variance with domains in Hubspot. If you haven’t explicitly added a domain for an Account, we will try to calculate a domain by looking at the email addresses of the users associated with that Account.

Last Updated: 
September 22, 2021