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What is an Account?

Accounts are just like Contacts in that you can follow them and see all the events from Contacts who are under that Account.

As for how we know which Contacts belong to which Accounts we have a few ways of doing it:

  1. You tell us using the Segment Group event
  2. You define a specific field to use as the Account field
  3. We use the domain of the email associated with the Contact

Once that's working, following Accounts works just like following Contacts.

A couple clicks get you everything you need.

Account Properties

Accounts in Variance have Properties. This is where you can store information about the Account. You can update these via Segment or Rudderstack and from your CRM via Zapier. You'll also notice the domains associated with the Account under the name.

Properties on Accounts

Merging Accounts

We know that it's hard to always have data stay clean, sometimes two of the same account or contact show up. You can merge those together in a non-destructive way that will simply tell Variance that all of these Accounts and Contacts are the same.

Merging made easy
Last Updated: 
November 23, 2021