Built for every type of SAAS sales team

No matter how big or small your Sales team is, Variance has you covered. We are breaking down the five go-to-market sales motions that cover most SaaS sales team.

For sales teams of all shapes, sizes, & go to market motions

Founder-Led Sales

You have a great product and you have started to sell it. By doing the selling you are building empathy and the foundation for what will become a successful sales team. From the beginning, you can take the approach that the product and your website can be north star signals in how best to sell to customers.

Product-Led Sales

You might have thought your product could be sold through tech touches and automation but you are realizing you are leaving money on the table and part of your customer base would convert faster or bigger with a sales team. The key with this sales team is to build on top of the product and automation culture you have already built. Variance is glue that binds your marketing and product data together with growing sales team.

Enterprise Sales

Buyers are doing 70% of their research before they talk to your sales team. How can you gather some of that signal? Move from steak dinners and tradeshows to a more efficient model of selling through incorporating product and website signals into your sales methodology. Imagine a future where competitive pressures will require more proof of concepts, trial, or freemium offerings.

Customer Success Sales

The way software companies sell is rapidly changing thanks, in large part to what we call The Five Forces, and the momentum of one of those forces specifically, Product Led Growth (PLG). The role of customer success, one of the newest functions inside software companies, has a lot to gain from this big shift. In talking to a lot of go-to-market and customer success teams, I decided to write up some thoughts on how customer success has the opportunity to own the revenue motion inside of their company. Here we go.

Inside Sales

Take your inside sales team and focus them on adding more product and website data into the calling and closing model.

"Variance helps Parabol convert our prospects faster and identify expansion opportunities we didn't know existed."
— Jordan Husney
CEO, Parabol
Variance provides our sales and customer success teams critical insight into how our users are interacting with our products. This data lets us know exactly when to reach out and prioritize who we invest our time in for the highest ROI.
— Ben Lamson
Head of Sales & Customer Success, Paperspace
"Variance quickly integrates into our Segment data and makes it dead simple to follow our self-service customer engagement. This allows us to focus on driving expansion right out of the gate."
— Pete Cheslock
Chief Product Officer, Allma
"With Variance plugged into our platform, we now have powerful, real-time data that informs our sales effort and product development."
— Jeff Weiner
Partner, Head of Business Strategy, PSFK
“This product makes working in SaaS more fun.”
— Justin Baum
VP Product, LeaseUp
"Variance is more valuable to me than Hubspot."
— Brendan Weitz
Co-Founder & CBO, Journey

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Forecast Intelligence and Alerts

Sales stages and pipeline management that matches events that come from your website and product.

Tired of using sales stages in your current CRM? So are we.

The ability to forecast when a deal will convert and/or expand with proper stage gates and probabilities.

Have a trial? Let's help you close it.
Sell as a Company

Bring your whole company together around why customers are (or are not converting), get on the same page with what needs to be built and why for your audience.

Reasons to Be in Touch

Based on customer usage, time your reasons to be in touch. Never miss out on a sales opportunity again. Time might kill deals but Variance won’t let that happen.