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Variance is a remote company. To make that work, we have a set of principles which we try to follow. Some of them are covered in other places (such as our Meeting Rules and Slack Guidelines), but it’s good to cover them all here as well.

Doing remote well requires we:

  • Speak up: this is true of any company, but especially true in a remote environment. If you’ve got a question, concern, or just spotted a typo, call it out. 
  • Default to public: this is part of our Slack guidelines and is a key part of creating a culture of openness in all our communications. Think twice before sending a DM—can you just put it in a public channel instead? 
  • Be single-threaded: when you’re talking to people on Zoom, don’t also be answering emails.
  • Document, document, document: naturally there’s less casual knowledge sharing in a remote environment without watercooler conversations. To help make up for that it’s critical that we all write things down and keep them organized.
  • Observe shared hours: while we work across many timezones, and you should work the hours that make the most sense to you, you're expected to be on Slack and generally available from 11am-6pm eastern time. This is key time for collaboration. To be clear: this isn't our working hours, expect to work regular hours for your timezone, but this is hours we all want to be in the same virtual place.

Good remote articles and resources:

Last Updated: 
August 20, 2021