Another week, another changelog. Lots of good stuff to report.


The biggest new feature of the week is support for Zapier, the product integration platform. As a heavy user of Zapier ourselves, we know that it plays a critical role in connecting systems and moving data, and we wanted to prioritize getting our app into Zapier as quickly as possible. We'll be rolling out lots more functionality in the future, though we've started with two Zapier actions and two searches:

  1. Update Account: Allows you to update the properties of an Account
  2. Update Contact: Allows you to update the properties of a Contact
  3. Find Account: Allows you to search for an Account in Variance by ID or domain name
  4. Find Contact: Allows you to search for a Contact in Variance by ID or email
Zapier + Variance: a match made in heaven

We've updated our Docs to include a Zapier page, which also outlines a use case we already have running for us: Pushing Account Updates from CRM to Variance.

Additional Updates

In addition to Zapier, we pushed out a bunch of other stuff that we hope will continue to make Variance easier to use:

  • Account domain detection (we detect the domain of the Account based on the users and display that/make it searchable)
  • App deep-linking (we can now link from our Docs into the App and it will automatically pick up your subdomain)
  • Detect subdomain (now if you click Sign In from our homepage you won't have to fill in your subdomain)
  • New tab styling

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