On the heels of our Smart Tags release, we have some more features building on top of our ability to dynamically generate lists of accounts and contacts.


The biggest part of this release is our new Views functionality. A view is a list of Accounts or Contacts that is dynamically generated. Before Views, Smart Tags were mainly useful as a way to generate lists of accounts, contacts, or event types to include/exclude from Streams. Views shift the focus of Variance away from just Streams to Accounts.

Views make it easy to see what's happening with all your accounts

Here are a few use cases for Views we’ve already seen:

  • My Accounts/Contacts: all accounts you own (this is on by default)
  • Target Accounts: You can create a View with accounts that meet certain qualification criteria.
  • My X Accounts: You can combine your My Accounts tag with any other criteria to create a My Software Accounts or My NYC Accounts. Just add the Tag My Accounts and filter by any Account property.
  • Pipeline Accounts: If you’re syncing with Hubspot you can create a view with just Accounts that are in your Pipeline. Just use the `hs_pipeline` field. (See below.)
Creating a view is easy

One really nice thing about Views is that you can save your View logic as a Smart Tag you can use in your Streams as well. Just click the Create a reusable tag? checkbox at the bottom of the form. Another bonus is that you can use your existing Smart Tags to build views.

As always, you can find more in our Views documentation.


Now that we’ve added Views, we wanted to make it easier to get to exactly what you want. For that reason, we have added a Favorites feature. Just hit the little star at the top of any Stream or View to add it to your personal favorites. It will be at the top of your nav (and only your nav, it’s not a global setting).

Favorites are always there

There are more details in our Favorites documentation. (Though, if we’re being honest, not much more … Favoriting just kind of does one thing.)

Additional Updates

  • We moved to use Inter as our font. We were having some trouble with the readability of our old font at certain sizes.
  • We fixed some issues with scrolling inside very long property lists.
  • We got rid of a bunch of teal.
  • We tightened up some spacing between nav items.

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