We didn't put out a Changelog for our 1.0.0 release and instead published a blog post, so this is a follow-up Changelog with lots of small updates that we have pushed out over the last few weeks. We should be back to our regular cadence.

Bigger Updates

Within/Not Within the Last

Added a `within the last` and `not within the last` days operator. This allows you to build views that give you 7 day active, etc.

Easy within the last N days views

Milestone Updates

We added support for nested Milestone criteria. This lets you create a Milestone criteria with `or` across more than one event/threshold. Here's an example from our account.

Nested criteria are very helpful

We also made it easier to interact with Milestones by adding a Follow button to follow Milestone Updated/Completed events and also easy access to create Tags and Views with that Milestone from the overflow menu.

Easy access to Milestone features

Knowing when a prospect or customer started and completed a Milestone let's you add views just looking at Milestone starters this week or month.

Milestone started at/completed at dates

Finally, we added a Milestone status indicator and a processing complete message for when we finish working through the data on a new or updated Milestone.

Easy to see when your Milestones are processing

Zapier Account/Contact Property Update Trigger

We added a new Trigger to Zapier that allows you to kick off a Zap when a property on an Account or Contact is updated. This is very useful if, say, you want to keep downstream systems synced with Account/Contact Owners, but could be used for anything.

Choose which property and you're on your way

Easy Owner Filtering

To make it easier to filter down any Account or Contact list we added quick filtering by clicking the Owner. This will filter down your current view for just those Accounts/Contacts owned by the person.

Easy filtering

Smaller Updates

Lots of good stuff here as well.

  • Ability to duplicate a tag
  • Display Slack channels in Stream list view
  • Ability to assign Accounts and Contacts to invited users
  • Milestones in the Onboarding flow
  • Home now redirects to your latest page
  • Ability to expand multiple Milestones at the same time

As always, if you have any questions or want to learn more, just reach out.

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