Many of our customers are Hubspot users and a big use case for them is getting their CRM in sync with Variance. Specifically, they want to ensure that their Milestones (Onboarded, PQL, EQL, etc.) are also on the Account or Contact so that they can be used in Hubspot automations. Thankfully, our Zapier integration has been able to satisfy that need. But watching people wrangle increasingly complicated Zaps made us want to make their lives simpler.

So we turned what was a four- or five-step Zap into a single toggle:

Just one toggle

That’s it. You can set up Hubspot Sync on any Contact or Account property (as long as you’re Admin+ permissions). The way the sync works is that once we have synced that contact or account we will immediately push any updates to that property as they happen. If you want to sync your Milestones, you’ll just need to find their properties (each Milestone has four: completion %, started at, ended at, updated at) and just flip the toggle.

In Hubspot, you’ll find these properties under a Variance group with unique names (sorry they’re long, Hubspot has unique label requirements). 

Any property you want is at your fingertips

Updated Billing & Plans Pages

Our other big recent update was to overhaul our Plans and Billing pages. We now show you how many users and contacts you have in your account as well as the total cost on the plans page.

We try to keep our plans and pricing simple

Other Updates & Fixes

  • We now show you the column (and values) you’re filtering and the one you’re sorting on.
  • Allow nesting on event type properties in Milestones
  • Fix the way lists sort when there are null property values
  • Allow events without a User ID as long as there is a Contact ID
  • Make Name a Variance property

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