Often events come in with valuable information that you wish you could access as part of the account for use in views and streams. Say, for instance, you have an onboarding survey as part of account creation:

It would probably be really useful to be able to access those answers as part of an account's properties so you can see a view of just accounts that are 50-100. With Variance, you can easily do that by going to the event type page and adding properties to be synced to the account.

Syncing event properties is easy

Now those properties will also be properties for the account. They're namespaced to the event name and can be used in views, streams, tags, and synced to other platforms.

One other important thing to know about this feature is that the value will be overwritten if a new instance of that event + property comes through for a user on that account (if it's blank it won't be overwritten).

This feature is still gated. If you would like access, please let us know.

Manage user views & streams for invited users

As you add new team members to Variance, one of the common requests is the ability to set up a few streams and views for those team members. Now when you invite a new user you can create views and streams before they even sign in.

Here’s a quick video to show how it works:

Event activity graphs

Building on our recent activity releases, we’ve now introduced event activity graphs to Variance. Now on any account, contact, or event type page, you can see a fancy activity graph like the one below. 

Up and to the right

Like our other charts, it’s easy to switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views.

List and header updates

Finally, we’ve made some small changes to the account headers and lists. On headers, we’ve added last seen indicator right under the account name and also added links to CRM and website in the overflow menu.

For list views, we’ve now given easy access to edit owner and associate Slack channel.

Other Updates 

  • Ability to filter event types by key event status
  • Ability to set view owner
  • Sort digest account/contacts/event types by event count 
  • Ability to rename and delete organization 
  • Allow invites to go out to .cloud domains (sorry!)
  • Display Hubspot information on integrations page

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