For most of our customers, Milestones and Smart Events is the thing that flipped the switch about Variance—it’s what made them see the power in the platform. With that comes lots of ideas for improvements and updates. One of the things we’ve been thinking about for a while is how to allow you to track change in Milestones/Smart Events, which is where the idea for “Surging” came from.

When you’re building a Milestone/Smart Event, you will now find some additional options that let you set a surging threshold like 30% up in the last seven days. Like the rest of Milestones, it’s super easy to set up:

Any Event

It made the most sense to release Surging support with another feature we’ve had planned: support for “Any” event. Now when you’re creating a Milestone/Smart Event, in addition to choosing specific events for criteria, you can choose “Any” page/track/screen event. It’s all in a new menu:

This is particularly useful for basic events where you’re looking to see activity—like a 7-day active.

Hubspot Contact, Account, Owner Syncing

We love Zapier and all the amazing things you can do with it and Variance. Not only does it do a great job letting you integrate Variance with everything under the sun, but it also gives us great feature ideas. One of the most common use cases was syncing new Accounts and Contacts out of Variance and into Hubspot. Another one was syncing owner changes made in Variance back to Hubspot. Now you can do all that right through Variance.

You'll find options on the integration page that allow you to choose to sync Accounts and Contacts found in Variance but not in Hubspot back to Hubspot. To enable these, just hit the toggle:

You'll also notice toggles for syncing owner changes back to Hubspot. This means if you change an owner in Variance, it will make that same change in Hubspot (assuming the user exists there as well).

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