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Smart Tags

Smart Tags are here

We hinted at this with our My Accounts/Contacts release, and now we are excited to bring Smart Tags to life. Just as you can tag any event, account, or contact, a Smart Tag allows you to create groups, but instead of being static, they’re dynamic. In this case, Smart Tags are based on our newly introduced complex filtering capability that allows you to build nested and/or queries on any of the properties of an account, contact, or event.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

How are Smart Tags useful? Here are some things we’ve already seen customers do:

  • Exclude internal users: create a smart tag where `email contains yourdomain.com` to exclude internal users from any streams.
  • Segment your account lists: instead of just having a My Accounts tag, you may want to be able to split your accounts by territory, industry, or plan. With a Smart Tag, you can use a filter like `owner = me AND industry = tech`, and then you’ll have a further segment to look at.
  • Create groups of similar events to look at: Smart Tags are handy if you want to cover all pages where `url contains pricing` so that you can see when customers are visiting your pricing page.

That’s just a few ideas. If you have any questions or want help setting things up, just let us know.


We hate passwords just as much as everyone else does. So to that end, we were eager to move beyond them and make it easy to sign in with Google. So now, not only can you sign up and set up a new Variance account using Google, but you can also allow anyone in your Google domain to create an account on the fly. You can find this option in your Onboarding or on your Team page under SSO.

We will automatically detect your domain and enable all users to sign up with just one button.

Google Auth for the whole org with just one button

Additional Updates:

  • You can now undo owner changes
  • My profile includes all the accounts, contacts, and streams you own
  • We’ve added billing and plan pages (if you’re a design partner, you’re on a trial through the end of the year)
  • We introduced the ability to jump to a specific date in a stream

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