Sometimes figuring out what features to build is hard, and sometimes everyone asks you for the same thing ... today's changelog is the latter.

Search & Filters

If there is one feature that has been requested more than any other it's without question an easier way to search and filter the Accounts, Contacts, and Event Types list. From our very first customer, folks have tried to find faster ways to find the right Accounts and filter down the right Event Types.

This should solve those problems. The way this feature manifests itself is a new search and filter bar at the top of the Account, Contact, and Event Type list views.

Search, Filter, and Sort ... oh my!

This new functionality lets you do a few critical things:

  1. Search long lists without having to scroll and load lots of stuff
  2. Filter down those same lists using our quick filter buttons as well as additional parameters (using the More button)
  3. Sort lists alphabetically and by Created On date for Accounts and Contacts (that's a big feature request in and of itself)

Here's how it looks in action:

Fast and easy


In addition to filters, you'll start to notice some more visuals in Variance starting with this release as we're bringing in logos.


We sometimes have to guess at the logo to use, so if you spot any mistakes please let us know.

Additional Updates

  • Toggle between all and reserved properties in Account and Contact property lists
  • Ignore # when you're searching Slack (this is silly and was causing some hiccups)
  • Default property follows to `contains` instead of `is equal to` (that's what most people wanted anyway)
  • Deal with some overflow and other funky UI behavior

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