Hello again, lots of new stuff to report with another big release on the precipice. Let’s dive in.

Leads Fallback

First off, we have an upgrade to our newly released Salesforce functionality. Now, instead of just syncing contacts from Variance with contacts in Salesforce, you can also add a fallback to sync to a lead if no contact is available. This makes the integration a lot more flexible for folks who use Salesforce a bit differently. Lots more Salesforce stuff is coming as well.

Like most stuff in Variance, it just takes a single toggle:


This one has been a top request for a while and we’re happy to get it released. Now when you are on your Account or Contact list views, you’ll see a small “sparkline” graph for each of the accounts or contacts and even event types. 

Of course, you can still click in and see more detailed charts and data, but this is a great overview to help make decisions from lists.

Enforced SSO

If you’re a SaaS company who is SOC2 compliant (like us), it’s much easier to deal with compliance when a vendor offers the option to enforce SSO on login. Now, within Variance, you can do that. Again, it’s just a toggle.

Accounts and Contacts Tabs on Event Types

Last, but not least, you can now see how many times Accounts or Contacts have performed a specific event by going to that Event Type and flipping to the account or contact tab. It will include the total count.

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