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Property Follows

One of the questions we've gotten often from customers is how to set up automatically updating streams. Obviously, events flow into Variance streams in real-time, but what if you want to update the accounts or events you're following in real-time based on their attributes? That's where property follows come in. Now, not only is it easy to follow a specific account or event type (like Signed Up), but get even more granular and specific, following only the particular accounts or events that meet your criteria. The most common example is creating a stream made up of accounts where the `Owner is equal to Noah Brier`. With property follows (and CRM sync), you can now do that. Another common example is that you want to make a stream for your Docs or Changelog. To do that, you would just follow the URL property with `URL contains /docs` or `URL contains /changelog` (you can even add both to the same stream and get all visits to both Docs and Changelog pages).

We're excited to see the use cases folks come up with for this one and, as always, if you have questions don't hesitate to get in touch. You can find more details on our Properties Docs page.

UI Updates

In addition to Property Follows we made some reasonably large UI updates that have also come from user feedback. Here's what you'll notice:

  • Overhauled the left nav: Moved Accounts, Contacts, and Event Types to the top, made search more obvious, and put settings behind a dropdown (under company name)
  • Adding a Slack Connected indicator: Made it much more apparent if the stream you're using is connected to Slack
New left nav + Send events to Slack indicator

Additional Updates

  • Fixed some padding-related scrolling bugs
  • Added Slack connection status to integration page
  • Modified the tagging button to deal with long names

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