The biggest new feature in this release is the ability to include properties in Milestones. That means instead of just looking across behaviors, you can also look at any property you have on the account or contact as part of a Milestone (and be alerted on it like all other Milestones). This is particularly useful if you are doing qualification (you only want companies with over 300 employees to be eligible for a Milestone) or if you are pushing data from your warehouse into Variance (a certain Milestone can now have a property that the Account has over 300 views).

Here’s a real example from us that combines a feature we’ll talk about in a bit. Now that we can support properties we want to consider someone engaged if they have a Slack Connect channel with us. Using our new Slack Connect feature (announced a bit down the page), we can now mix it into our engaged Milestone:

Include properties in your Milestone criteria

As mentioned, this all works on both the Account and Contact level for Milestones and you can even create complex nested queries using properties:

Nested property criteria

In addition to the big change on Milestones, we have also now introduced a Milestone Updated At property, which you can access just like our Started At and Completed At properties. That means you can start to see companies who have made progress against their Milestone in the month, for instance.

Sort Accounts and Contacts by Last Seen

Probably our most requested feature, you can now sort Account and Contact lists by the last seen property. This is obviously a great way to look at who has and hasn’t been active lately.

Easy sorting by Last Seen

Associate a Slack Connect Channel with an Account

Another request, you can now associate a Slack Connect channel with an account. When you visit an Account you’ll have the ability to add a channel. You can then use that property in any Views, Tags, or Milestones. It’s particularly useful for Milestones, as mentioned above.

Here’s what it looks like in the app:

Slack Connect channels on accounts

And adding it is super easy:

Adding a Slack Connect channel is easy

Source Icons on Events

All our events now have a Source Icon to make it easy to see where they came from. This one is from Segment:

See where your events came from

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Display last seen on Account Contact list
  • Ensure Milestone Complete/Incomplete events come after Updated events
  • Allow members to create favorites
  • Add ability to skip Tags during onboarding

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