Milestone/Smart Event Updates

Just calling these Milestone/Smart Event updates doesn’t quite do it justice. We’ve added a few highly-requested features that I’m super excited about.

Relative Dates to Properties

One of the most-requested Milestone updates is the ability to create a Milestone where the time window is relative to when another Milestone is finished. For example, for many products, activation/onboarding needs to come within, say, 14 days of sign-up. Well, now you can make that happen.

There’s a lot of power in this one, and it can work off any account or contact property date field, not just Milestone/Smart Events.

Property Comparison in Milestones/Smart Events

Another one that has lots of requests. Sometimes what you want to do is actually compare two property values in an event as part of a Milestone/Smart Event. For instance, if you are pushing in bulk data events with 7-day and 30-day totals, you might want to know if the 7-day total is more than 25% of the 30-day total. You can now do that. The comparison can either be direct (greater than/less than) or as a percentage.

Performed Exactly Filters

In addition to the existing filters (has been performed at least, not been performed at least, changed by more than/less than), we have added a “has been performed exactly” filter.

Ability To Create Views Off Static Tags

This one is simple and useful: you can now create Views off both Smart Tags and Static Tags. To do that, you’ll just choose one from the Tags menu.

Better Exports (>1,000 rows)

You can now export more than 1,000 rows to CSV. We will simply email you a file when you hit export on any list or view.

Improved Account Matching Options

We have updated our account matching options to make them more flexible. Whereas you had to declare specific attributes that came through Identify calls, you can now declare multiple matching methods, including matching off properties on Track calls.

Other Updates

  • Ability to delete account/contact 
  • Criteria not performed at least n times 
  • Display disconnected connection status on CRM
  • Allow group call with Posthog
  • Ability to duplicate milestone/smart events
  • Clear data for individual connections or the whole organization

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