First up is an expansion on our activity modules called Key Events. This module lets you go into your event types and mark a few as “key,” which will cause them to show up as rollups on all the detail pages for contacts and accounts. Here’s how they look once you’ve marked them:

Easy to show key events on all your accounts and contacts

And toggling them on couldn’t be easier:

We love our toggles

View/Stream/Tag Descriptions

Next up is a request we’ve gotten a few times to make the system easier to use. Now, any View, Stream, or Tag can have a description attached to it to make it easier for everyone on the team to know why it’s there and how it works.

Adding a description is easy:

Just a text field

And anytime you add a description, you will see it show up in both the title and in details:

Better Property Filters

We’ve been rolling out updates to our filter interface since we debuted it two months ago. This week we are rolling out what should be our last big component of filters: the ability to access all your properties from a single filter interface. 

Access all properties from fitlers

As part of this update, we’ve also released some new time windows to build views off, including this week, this month, and this year.

New date filters

Control whether a data source updates last seen

Usually, this would go into the updates section, but I’m super excited about this, so I’m giving it prime billing. Our Variance last seen date works by capturing the latest activity from the account and/or contact. That can be a bit problematic if you have more than one data source, particularly if that data source is a stream of email opens (like we have). So now you have the ability to toggle on and off whether a data source will update the last seen date. 

To do that, just go to Integrations, and you’ll see a toggle on each of your data sources like this:

Another toggle!

Other Updates

  • Update our usage chart to account for the first seen date
  • Change background on signup pages
  • Added Milestone suggestions to onboarding
  • Fix live events on the integrations page
  • Only send Milestone Update notifications if the Milestone has more than one criteria

The right signals for growth

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