A healthy portion of our customer base uses Hubspot as their CRM. As such, they’re always looking to get more info into the system. Our two-way Hubspot sync handles situations where you want to trigger workflows and automations using Variance data, but now we’ve added a Variance “card” that shows in the right rail of a company or contact profile in Hubspot and shows you last seen + Milestone status for the account or contact.

All your Milestones

By default, this shows up in whatever order you installed various Hubspot extensions, but it’s easy to drag it up or down.

If you're looking for your Variance card, you may just need to drag it up the sidebar

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“Current User” Filter

Sometimes you get a customer request and feel silly that you didn’t already think of it. This is one of those. A customer asked for the ability to create a view for their team where the filter was Owner = Current User.

Now, within any view, you’ll see toggles for “All” and “My Accounts” or “My Contacts.”

It’s not just a toggle, though, it’s actually a filter that you can save as part of the view. So if you set it to My Accounts and hit save view, you’ll create a view where the accounts shown are only the ones that belong to the user who is looking at that view.

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PostHog Support

If you haven’t heard about PostHog, you probably will soon. It’s a new open-source product analytics solution that includes a bunch of powerful functionality (including feature gating) and has a growing app ecosystem. Variance is now part of that ecosystem. 

Whether you’re using the cloud or self-hosted version, you can now install the Variance app and send all your PostHog data to Variance.

Not Performed Refinements

Milestones are our most popular feature, so we do everything we can to ensure they continue to become more and more useful. For a while, you’ve been able to include “not performed” in a Milestone or Smart Event, but you couldn’t use that functionality with time windows or refine it with properties. Now you can. This is useful if you want to build a Milestone or Smart Event to let you know that someone hasn’t signed in for 7 days (for instance) or that an account hasn’t invited a user for 90 days.

Other Updates

  • Display property data source in autocomplete
  • Fix email overflow in the detail pane

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