Event Filters

In our quest to continue to make Variance the best place to understand what your prospects and customers are doing, we’ve added some new event filtering functionality to the event views on Accounts and Contacts.

Easy to access event filters

You can filter this view by:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Event Type
  • Milestone
  • Tag

Favorite Reordering

By popular demand, you can now drag and drop reorder your personal favorites.

Drag and drop away

Milestone Updates

Thanks to our new event filters, you can click from an Account or Contact’s Milestones and see both the Milestone events and the individual criteria events for just that Account/Contact.

More useful milestone info

You’ll also note that we have started displaying when the Milestone was started by that Account, and if completed, when it was finished and how long it took to complete.

We are also now displaying Contact Milestones on the Account's Contact list view.

Milestones on milestones

Other Updates

  • Create tags and views from the property overflow menu
  • Added a dark mode toggle to the left navigation
  • Create views from tag overflow menu
  • Include stream name in event digests sent to Variance and Slack
  • Introduced domain property, which is calculated based on the most common email domain unless explicitly added (this is useful for filtering out internal accounts)

The right signals for growth

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