Two big announcements in this changelog plus lots of small helpful updates.


Digests are a way to easily roll up info about a specific customer or prospect, set of events, or just about anything else you want. They came from customers requesting an easier way to see a particularly noisy prospect, customer, or stream. Digests can be set to hourly, twice a day, or daily and look like this:

Digest events alongside your other events

They'll appear alongside your other events in a Stream and also be sent to Slack. They include four bits of data:

  • Accounts: How many accounts were active in the period
  • Contacts: How many contacts were active in the period
  • Event types: How many unique event types happened in the period
  • Events: How many total events happened in the period

To dive deeper you simply click into the event where you can see all the detail around who those accounts and contacts are, what actions they took, and the volume. In addition we display the top Account, Contact, and Event Type in the overview.


In our unending commitment to make it as easy as possible to get going with Variance, we have added another CDP: Freshpaint. What makes Freshpaint different is that they bring autotrack functionality to the CDP world. This approach means they're capturing all the interactions on your marketing site or product and allowing non-engineers to define events right through the Freshpaint interface, rather than writing code. They also support the classic approach to managing events in code (they call it "precision tracking"), so it's easy to make the switch. For anyone that wants a CDP but doesn’t have the engineering resources to get it off the ground, this is the CDP for you. Stay tuned for a webinar we will be doing with Freshpaint soon.

Additional Updates

  • Zapier Templates: we now display Zapier templates on our integrations page to make it easier to get started connecting Variance.
  • Legal docs: we have updated all our legal docs to cover every question you might have. (If you have any more, just let us know.)

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