Let’s talk about filters. As customers push more and more data into Variance, filters and views become a crucial part of making it all work. Until now, our View builder was the way in, but with this release all that changes. We’ve been inspired by filter UIs we like and don’t like to try to build something that makes it super simple to get at exactly what you’re looking for.

To get started just hit the little filter icon at the top of any list.

Easy to use filtering!

All your important filters are available to you immediately. Say you want to see all accounts that were first seen in the last 30 days and have PQL completion less than 70%. That’s easy, just add your filters.

Everything at your fingertips

What’s more, if you notice those icons over on the right you can immediately save this as a view or access the more advanced builders for nested logic and other functionality.

Switch from filters to a view seamlessly

Of course, there’s always more work to be done, but we’re really proud of how this release makes it easy to get at exactly what you’re looking for and we hope you’ll appreciate the easy access.

Tracking Property Updates

Another big part of this release is a brand new feature that allows you to track the history of a property. As customers increasingly bring in data from their warehouse, we were looking for ways to add value to that data. To do that we actually listen for the changes and generate a Property Updated event that includes the old data, new data, and delta amount + percentage if it’s a number field. This becomes super powerful for lots of use cases:

  • Want to track revenue changes over time and be alerted when revenue grows or shrinks by more than 5%? No problem, use Property Update events.
  • Want to include total volume in growth metrics in your Milestones? No problem, set up a Property Updated event on your volume field and include the event in your Milestone (set to only be counted if it grows by over x%).
  • Use Hubspot and want to generate events when emails are opened? No problem, add a Property Updated event on the `hs_sales_email_last_opened` property.

Here’s what the event looks like:

Deltas AND percentages!

Segment Warehouse Backfill

We’ve gotten a bunch of requests to be able to backfill data in Variance. If you’re a Segment customer and have been warehousing your Segment data through them we can now import all your old data. For now we need to help you do this, so if you’re interested please get in touch.

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Updated the Follow button to be a + button.
  • Hid ability to create views from event properties, since that’s not a thing
  • Fixed an issue where Slack channels were showing with multiple ###
  • Got rid of list styling on the favorites list so it no longer has bullets
  • Fixed up Hubspot syncing for a few specific errors
  • Got rid of double loader gif on view pages

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