This one has been in the works for a while, so it’s extra fun to introduce. Now, when you click into any account, Contact, or Event Type you’re going to start to see some statistics on how it’s changing. The first, and most obvious, place this is really useful is on the account detail page. Click into any account and you’ll get a quick overview like this:

A quick view of what's changed

That is showing you the total events performed for that account across all sources over the last day, 7 days, 30 days, and all time. It’s also, critically, trying to give you the fastest view possible into what’s changed. Each time window is compared to the previous time window. As we start to roll out more visuals like this, our focus is squarely on what’s changed, since that’s the most interesting and timely bit of information you can show a user.

In addition to this Total Events module, you will start to see an Active Contacts module on the account detail view (since only accounts have associated contacts). That will show you how many contacts on the account were active this week (compared with last week), how many contacts are active on average each week (or day or month if you hit the toggles), which contact was most active in the period, and, finally, a chart showing you a breakdown by period. Below is some data from a testing user:

Active contacts on an account

You'll notice the Beta tag on the visuals. That's something we plan to use more to indicate new functionality. This feature is currently available to paying customers and will be rolling out to everyone in the coming week. We will also be adding more modules and visuals, so if there’s something you’d particularly like to see, please let us know.

Storing sort order with Views

After releasing views and better filtering, our number one request was to be able to store the sort order. Now that’s possible. Just choose a new Sort Order and save your view.

Store your sort order

Do you see the little gold disk icon? That is lit up when there are view changes to save. In this case, it’s because I added a new sort order.

You can also access sort order in the View edit/save window:

Other Updates

  • Display the data type on all property records
  • Ability to filter by data types for properties
  • Ability to filter properties by HubSpot sync status
  • Added headers to the properties table for easier scanning
  • Added support for “is within the next n days” 
  • Fixed percentage properties to show sort direction as 1-9
  • Fix to allow members to duplicate views
  • Better detection of number properties

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